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If you’re a person of color, then you’re already well aware of the limitations you face in the cosmetics industry, from sunscreens to laser hair removal.

Fortunately, advancements in technology have made this beloved hair reduction method safe for virtually everyone. Here’s everything you need to know about the best laser hair removal for Black skin in Howard County!

What Is Laser Hair Removal? How Does It Work to Remove Hair?

Laser hair removal, or LHR for short, is one of the most popular hair removal methods. It is a light-based treatment that uses a non-invasive beam of light, or a laser, to send heat to your hair follicles and damage or destroy them.

The purpose of this is to not only remove hair, but prevent it from growing, delivering long-lasting hair reduction. Traditionally, this type of hair removal was achieved by targeting the pigment in your hair. As you can imagine, that led to consequences for patients with Black skin, as it also targeted the pigment in their skin.

This is no longer the case with a lot of laser systems, thankfully! However, caution should still be taken.

What Should I Do Before Getting LHR for a Safe, Successful Experience?

Effective and, more importantly, safe laser hair removal for dark skin heavily depends on the laser technician you visit, as well as the research and preparation you do beforehand.

Make sure you choose your provider wisely. They should be a medical professional who specializes in laser hair removal, especially for Black patients. It may help you to choose a specialist who is also a patient of color. Check to be sure they have good reviews and offer a laser system that is safe for dark skin.

Following pre-procedure guidelines is a must. If you use products or take medications that cause photosensitivity, like retinoids, pause them for at least a week before your appointment. You should shave beforehand as well.

What Is the Best Laser System for Dark-Skinned Men and Women?

Currently, Nd:YAG is the best laser for people of color, especially patients with medium to dark skin tones. This is because it bypasses the melanin in your skin entirely, instead targeting the hair follicle and leaving the skin around it completely untouched.

Diode is another popular choice, but does have its limitations. Ask your laser technician about the systems they offer and which ones work best for your skin color. This is important to minimize risks like scarring, burning, and discoloration – three common risks for patients with dark skin.

For your safety, ask to do a patch test before you commit.

What Should I Do After My LHR Sessions for Best Results?

Aftercare is crucial for getting the best laser hair removal for Black skin in Howard County. This popular hair reduction technique has more pros than cons. However, the way you treat your skin post-procedure can potentially make or break your experience.

The most important precaution you can take after each session is to prioritize sun safety. Make sure to cover treatment areas with clothing or sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher. Avoid harsh products like body scrubs or fragranced lotion for at least a week.

You can continue to shave, but avoid tweezing or waxing.

Get the Best Laser Hair Removal for Black Skin in Howard County at Bella Medical Aesthetics!

Bella Medical Aesthetics is home to all of the safest and most effective treatments for Black skin, including laser hair removal! We invite everyone to enjoy our services and leave feeling better than ever before.

When you call us at 240-713-6587 to book your consultation, make sure to ask about our skincare specials for exclusive savings on LHR!