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Votiva Vagina Rejuvenation Treatment at Bella Medical Aesthetics

With numerous options available for male sexual health, isn’t it about time women had access to safe, effective treatments? At Bella Medical Aesthetics in Columbia, MD, we believe women shouldn’t suffer from sexual dysfunction simply because of limited treatment options. That’s why we proudly offer Votiva, an FDA-approved vagina rejuvenation treatment that addresses issues affecting women after childbirth and menopause. Contact us for more information about how Votiva can transform your sexual health.

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What is Votiva?

Votiva is a safe, gentle, non-invasive technology that uses radiofrequency (RF) energy waves to target internal and external problems in the vaginal region. The treatment is pain-free, lasts just 10 to 30 minutes, and feels similar to your annual woman’s wellness exam. The number of treatments you need and what you can expect in the long-term are among the topics you’ll discuss with our physician, Dr. Beena Nagpal.

How Does Votiva Work?

RF energy heats and stimulates cells in living tissue. When used in and around the vagina and vulva, this technology increases the production of collagen and elastin fibers. Votiva is the only platform currently available that offers both internal and external treatments for women experiencing sexual dysfunction. It also reaches the desired temperature quickly and has an optional RF needling component. These characteristics make Votiva superior to other technologies aimed at providing similar results.

Why Does Aging Lead to Sexual Dysfunction in Women?

As you age, your body undergoes changes that reduce the concentration of collagen and elastin throughout the body, including the vaginal region. This results in lax skin and muscle, creating a saggy, lifeless appearance. Childbirth increases vaginal laxity and may also cause scarring, labial hypertrophy (enlarged vaginal lips), and pain during intercourse. Hormonal changes during menopause or breast cancer treatment can lead to vaginal dryness, decreased sensitivity, and low libido.

Do I Need Votiva Vagina Rejuvenation Treatment?

Do you feel self-conscious when being intimate with your partner? Do you lack a sex drive or experience pain or dryness during intercourse? With Votiva, you can alleviate these and other similar symptoms affecting countless women around the world. Vagina rejuvenation may be appealing to you because it’s non-surgical, non-hormonal, and long-lasting.

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How Can Votiva Benefit Me?

Votiva treatment addresses numerous symptoms associated with post-childbirth and menopause.  The benefits of this treatment include:

  • Heightened sex drive
  • Improved tightness and appearance
  • Increased blood flow
  • Enhanced sensitivity
  • Reduced vaginal dryness
  • Strengthened vaginal muscles
  • Decreased pain during intercourse
  • Improved mild-to-moderate urinary incontinence

What is the Recovery Time?

Depending on the intensity of the treatment you receive, you can expect little to no downtime. You should be able to resume normal activities immediately. Just plan on waiting 24 to 48 hours to have intercourse.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Every patient’s needs and symptoms differ slightly, but you will most likely need two to three treatments scheduled four to six weeks apart. Some women also require maintenance treatments once a year. Expect results to appear immediately and improve over time.

What Other Sexual Health Treatments Do You Offer?

In addition to Votiva, Bella Medical Aesthetics offers O-Shots to women experiencing sexual issues. This Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment uses stem cells to encourage greater sexual functionality. If you’re not sure which sexual health treatment is right for you, Dr. Nagpal can help you explore your options. You’ll quickly find there’s no reason to suffer from dissatisfying sex life, not when these effective treatments are available!

Contact Us to Learn More About Votiva Treatment

Dr. Nagpal leads the team here at Bella Medical Aesthetics, drawing on her background in gynecology and emergency medicine. Her extensive training, knowledge, and experience make her uniquely suited to perform Votiva treatments at our clinic in Columbia, MD. If you have any remaining questions about Votiva and the other technologies we offer for treating sexual dysfunction in women, please schedule an appointment with Dr. Nagpal today.

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