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Daxxify [New Botox]

Daxxify in Columbia

Move over, Botox – there’s a new injectable neuromodulator in town!

This sensational wrinkle-reducing treatment is called Daxxify, or Daxi for short, and it has created quite the buzz. This is mostly due to its longevity, which outlasts its competition.

Why Choose Daxxify?

This peptide-powered treatment for frown lines lasts an average of six months, and up to nine months in some cases.

Compared to Botox, which typically lasts three to four months, it keeps the vertical lines between your brows away for about twice as long. It does so without the use of human serum albumin, which other neurotoxin injectables often contain.

Does Daxxify Hurt?

It’s comparable to getting a shot at the doctor’s office. There is quick and minor discomfort during the injection. However, a topical numbing solution can be applied to reduce your risk of pain, especially if you have a low tolerance.

When Will I See Daxxify Results?

While it takes up to two weeks to see the final effects, you may notice improvement in as little as one to two days.

Am I a Good Candidate for Daxxify?

If you are a healthy adult with realistic expectations about what Daxxify can do, you are likely eligible and can experience the benefits of facial rejuvenation with this remarkable treatment.

You should not have allergies to the ingredients, any neurological conditions, or active skin infections. The best results occur in non-smoking patients.

Where Can I Get the Amazing “New Botox” Daxxify in Columbia, MD?

Seeing is believing when it comes to Daxi, which you can find here at Bella Medical Aesthetics! Offering the latest in cosmetic services that help you look your absolute best, Bella is the area’s go-to medispa for people just like you who want proven treatments that achieve outstanding effects.

Ready to see for yourself how you can rewind the clock and take years off your appearance with this trending injectable? Call us today at 240-713-6587 to book Daxi!