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RHA Fillers Columbia Maryland

RHA Fillers in Columbia

Resilient hyaluronic acid (RHA) fillers are an innovative advancement, specially designed to mimic the natural movement and resilience of facial tissues for amazingly natural looking results.

The unique technology used in RHA fillers allows them to resiliently adapt to facial expressions, so you can rejuvenate without looking like you’ve done anything but rest.

Why Choose RHA Fillers?

In addition to the subtle but au naturel look they provide, they offer long-lasting results. You can see the effects for up to 15 months!

You can expect less swelling from this remarkable filler type as well, so you can go in for a quick touch up shortly before a big event without worry. As with other fillers, there’s no downtime afterward.

Do RHA Fillers Hurt?

While you may be concerned because a needle is involved, rest assured that most patients report a pain-free experience.

Your comfort is your injector’s top priority, and they can apply a topical anesthetic beforehand to ensure you don’t feel any discomfort. Additionally, RHA fillers contain lidocaine for added comfort.

When Will I See Results?

Effects are visible immediately after the treatment. As the filler settles and any post-injection swelling diminishes, the full results are achieved. This can take up to two weeks.

Am I a Good Candidate for RHA Fillers?

A good candidate for RHA fillers is in good overall health, has realistic expectations, and desires to address facial lines, wrinkles, or volume loss without compromising facial expressiveness.

If you check those boxes, you’re most likely eligible! However, you do need to book a consultation with a reputable injector to be sure.

Where Can I Get Remarkable Results From RHA Fillers in Columbia, MD?

Turn to Bella Medical Aesthetics, the area’s top provider for the latest in cosmetic treatments including RHA fillers.

Contact us today at 240-713-6587 for outstanding facial rejuvenation results, and ask about our current specials!