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Okay, you want to get a free P-Shot consultation in Baltimore, Maryland and follow it up immediately with the procedure so you can restore your confidence and fun in the bedroom.

What should you expect when it comes to this sexual dysfunction treatment for men? Here’s the scoop on what happened before, during, and after the P-Shot procedure.

When You Get a Free P-Shot Consultation in Baltimore, Maryland, Here’s What Happens

Before the Priapus shot, or the P-Shot, you have to have a consultation, which serves multiple purposes. The primary reason is to ensure you’re a good candidate.

This revolutionary way to address erectile dysfunction (ED), Peyronie’s disease, and other men’s sexual health concerns utilizes your own platelet-rich plasma (PRP), which is very safe. You should meet the following criteria to be eligible:

  • Be in generally good health
  • Have a desire to improve your sexual performance
  • Have realistic expectations about the potential outcome and an understanding of the potential risks and side effects
  • Not have any disqualifying conditions such as certain blood disorders or active infections

Your provider will ask questions about your medical history to determine whether this option is right for you. They will also explain the procedure in detail, as well as inform you about the benefits and risks to help you make a decision about whether to proceed if you qualify.

What Happens During the P-Shot for Erectile Dysfunction?

If you elect to undergo injections, your blood will be drawn and placed in a centrifuge to separate the plasma. This platelet-rich plasma is then extracted and prepared for injection.

A local anesthetic is given to ensure your comfort, then the P-Shot is administered in strategic areas of the penis after the anesthesia takes effect.

After This ED Eliminator, This Is What to Expect

You’ll be asked to wait before leaving your appointment so you can be monitored. If you have no reaction, you may resume most normal activities immediately. You will be advised to wait for sexual activity.

You may experience bruising, swelling, and / or discomfort in the treated area. These are all normal side effects and typically go away on their own with no need for intervention.

Can I Have Sex Right After?

As mentioned above, your provider will recommend you wait before engaging in any type of sexual activity. However, the waiting period is short, so don’t worry!

As long as you feel up for it, you can resume after 48 hours. If you feel discomfort afterward, you may want to wait another day or two to rest and allow the healing process to take place without further disruption.

How Soon Are P-Shot Results Evident?

Now for the million-dollar question – how soon will you see improvement in the strength and firmness of erections and ability to achieve and sustain them?

The timeline varies from person to person, as every individual is different. It’s not uncommon for men to experience immediate improvement, though it can take days or weeks to reach the maximum effects. If you have underlying sexual health issues, it is likely to take longer to achieve optimal results as tissue regeneration is a process.

Men, It’s Time to Revitalize the Romance Through the Power of the P-Shot – Book It Today!

To get a free P-Shot consultation in Baltimore, Maryland, visit nearby Bella Medical Aesthetics! Just a short 30-minute commute away, Bella is THE place Central Maryland residents turn to for outstanding results.

Call us now at 240-713-6587 to book your consultation with Dr. Beena Nagpal to see if this sex-life-changing injection is right for you! With quick results and the ability to return to intimacy quickly, there’s no reason to put treatment off any longer.