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How Much Is Laser Hair Removal in Columbia, Maryland for Perfectly Smooth Skin Without Shaving?

Showing off your legs can end up being a real chore, because of the hair. Well, there’s incredible news! Laser hair removal (LHR) is the perfect way to get smooth legs, arms, back, and more.

Permanently! If you’re ready to cancel your wax appointments and ditch your razor, you’re most likely wondering about how much is laser hair removal in Columbia, Maryland?

Let’s Cut Right to the Chase – How Much Is Laser Hair Removal in Columbia, Maryland?

Depending on the skill and training of the person performing your laser hair removal, and how many treatments it takes to experience permanent hair loss, and your geographic location, full body LHR is around $3,000.

Don’t worry, most people don’t need full body hair removal. For example, many women don’t want their backs treated, which is a pretty large area to treat. So, by cutting out areas that don’t need to be done, you cut your overall costs.

Tell Me How to Save Money With LHR!

LHR costs about $285 per session for each treatment area. Larger areas will cost more. Begin by treating your most annoying areas first. Maybe shaving the hair on your legs takes forever, but don’t mind spending only a couple minutes shaving your armpits, so you skip the underarms for now.

What Else Should I Know About LHR?

LHR is a time saver, most importantly. Skip all the extra time in the shower, endless trips to pick up hair removal supplies, and expensive appointments for painful waxes. Now, just put on your favorite clothes and head out the door!

Bella Medical Aesthetics Loves Laser Hair Removal!

Are you still asking, “How much is laser hair removal in Columbia, Maryland?” Then turn to the experts at Bella Medical Aesthetics for a personalized quote! Contact us today at 240-713-6587 to book an appointment.

You’re going to love the way you look with LHR!