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Considering the P-Shot From an Erectile Dysfunction Specialist in Columbia, Maryland? Here’s What You Should Know!

Erectile dysfunction (ED) affects many men, lowering their self-esteems and putting a damper on their sex lives. For a safe and effective treatment that is helping men achieve better, harder, longer-lasting erections, the P-Shot delivers!

If you’re considering the P-Shot from an erectile dysfunction specialist in Columbia, Maryland, here’s what you should know.

What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

Inability to have a satisfying sex life can stem from physical as well as psychological factors. Men who struggle with ED often experience inability to get or maintain an erection and may also have a low sex drive.

Before Injections, Here Are Questions to Ask Your Provider About the P-Shot

Here are some questions to ask your specialist.

  • What do you think is causing my erectile dysfunction?
  • What tests do I need to diagnose ED?
  • What are my options to treat my erectile dysfunction, and how much will it cost?

During your consultation, be open and honest about your experiences with erectile dysfunction. It can affect men of any age, and there’s no need to feel any shame or embarrassment!

What Is The P-Shot, and How Does It Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

The P-Shot, or Priapus shot is a cutting-edge platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment. It’s safe and effective, because treatment is made from your body’s own plasma.

The prepared injection works to rejuvenate penile tissues, so you get the amazing erections you need to have a hot sex life again!

Does the P-Shot Really Work?

After treatment, men report improved sex lives and bigger, harder, more satisfying erections. These amazing effects can last for years and additional injections can be given if needed to improve results after they start to fade.

Want the P-Shot? It’s Time to Come to Bella to See an Erectile Dysfunction Specialist in Columbia, Maryland for Injection!

At Bella Medical Aesthetics, our doctors understand the difficulty of living with  ED and are ready to help.

Learn more about the P-Shot and find out if it’s right for you by calling us today at 240-713-6587. Take back your youthful drive and enjoyment from sexual activity!