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What to Expect During Your Visit to a Painless P-Shot Doctor in Ellicott City, Maryland

Who doesn’t cringe just a little at the idea of getting an injection anywhere, much less “down there?” That’s a normal reaction, of course!

But, the truth is your painless P-Shot doctor in Ellicott City, Maryland is going to make you as comfortable as possible during your appointment. This means making sure you really feel no pain.

Can You Tell Me What to Expect During an Erectile Dysfunction Consultation?

Let’s face it. Discussing erectile dysfunction (ED) can be a little stressful. So, before you get to your consultation, understand you are meeting with a professional whose goal is to listen without any judgment. Just be honest about what you’re going through.

You’ll need a medical evaluation before getting the P-Shot to make sure it’s okay for you to proceed with treatment. You should take information about your medical history, medical conditions, and a list of medications, supplements, and vitamins you’re taking with you to your appointment. If you’ve tried previous treatments for ED, your P-Shot provider will want to know that too.

Be prepared to discuss all of your symptoms and how long you’ve experienced them. Your P-Shot provider will need to know how ED has impacted your sex life as well as your daily life. Have you dealt with depression? Anxiety? Trouble with relationships? All of that matters.

What Should I Expect When Getting the P-Shot?

You may or may not have your consultation and get your injection on the same day. That is up to your P-Shot provider.

The P-Shot works from the platelet-rich plasma (PRP) found in your own blood. There are important proteins and growth factors found in PRP that promote healing and cell renewal. This means your appointment will begin with a blood draw.

The blood draw requires only one vial and is no different than having blood drawn in your primary care provider’s office. Your blood is then spun in a centrifuge to separate the PRP. This takes around five minutes or so.

Before you are given the P-Shot, a strong topical numbing cream is applied. At most, you’ll only feel a slight pinching sensation and a bit of pressure. Most patients find this treatment very tolerable.

Is the P-Shot Safe?

Yes, it is. Because the P-Shot uses your own PRP, there are virtually no serious risks associated with the treatment.

How Quickly Will I See P-Shot Results?

You might notice an improvement within a day or two, but give the treatment time to acclimate. Most men notice their full P-Shot results within two to six weeks.

Do I Need Downtime for Recovery After the P-Shot?

Not at all! You can easily resume your day after your P-Shot injection. However, you should plan to refrain from sex and exercise for a few days afterward.

How Often Will I Need the P-Shot?

Everyone is different, so results vary. How often you need treatment depends on how well your body processes the first P-Shot. Some men only need one P-Shot injection a year, while others need it every six months.

For optimal results, it is recommended you initially schedule a series of two to three injections. It’s always best to follow up with your P-Shot provider and follow their guidance.

How Much Can I Expect to Pay for the P-Shot?

The amount you pay is determined by your provider and depends on multiple variables such as their experience and skill, as well as your geographical location. The average cost is around $1000 to $2000 for a single procedure.

Does Insurance Cover the P-Shot?

It’s not likely your insurance will cover the cost of your P-Shot. This treatment is considered elective and not medically necessary. It doesn’t hurt to call and ask your insurance carrier just to be sure though!

How Do I Find a Qualified P-Shot Doctor?

Obviously, you want an experienced and painless P-Shot doctor in Ellicott City, Maryland, so how do you find one? It’s not difficult if you follow these tips:

  • Speak to your primary care provider. They should be able to refer you to a qualified P-Shot doctor in your area, as they often have colleagues in the industry.
  • Ask friends and family. If there is someone you feel comfortable talking to who has gone through the same experience, ask them about their P-Shot experience and who they recommend.
  • Try an online search. The internet has an abundance of valuable resources when it comes to looking for information! You’ll find names, contact information, and most importantly, ratings to find a highly reviewed provider.
  • Read reviews. Once you’ve found a P-Shot doctor near you, take a look at their social media pages. There is much to be learned from the experiences of other patients.
  • Schedule your consultation. This has been mentioned already, but this initial meeting is important. You should make sure your P-Shot doctor is someone with whom you trust and feel comfortable speaking openly.

You Can Find the Best Painless P-Shot Doctor in Ellicott City, Maryland Today By Making THIS Call!

Call Bella Medical Aesthetics today at 240-713-6587. Our team is led by Dr. Beena Nagpal, who can answer all of your P-Shot FAQS thoroughly and compassionately. She combines her love of aesthetics with her extensive medical background to deliver only the highest quality services.

If what you are searching for is experience, compassion, warmth, and the best P-Shot results, contact our office to schedule your consultation. It’s time to revitalize your sex life with the amazing injection that solves your ED issues!