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Every year it seems science gets closer to helping us slow down the passing of time. There is some new technique or medical discovery that seems to hold back the hands of time just a bit more. Unfortunately, we haven’t perfected the whole anti-aging thing yet. Granted, there are ways to stay looking and feeling younger for longer. But, eventually, time catches up with all of us. That’s when we need a little help.

There has never been a better time to speak with your doctor about the procedures available that can help you look more youthful. It’s everyone’s goal to look as young as they hopefully feel. Traditionally, people have considered anti-aging treatments to be the realm of plastic surgery. While that is certainly true to some extent, plastic surgery isn’t the be all, end all of anti-aging treatments. In fact, it’s far from it. There are minimally invasive procedures available that can help you look younger. If you’re not familiar with the concept of skin rejuvenation, it’s time to learn more about it. The minimally invasive treatments involved could be exactly what you’re looking for. Of course, you won’t know until you ask your doctor. But, it’s time to dispel the myth that plastic surgery is the best option to look more youthful.

You don’t have to go under the knife in order to reduce wrinkles, eliminate age spots, or deal with sun damage. The solution could actually be a laser. Laser treatments have helped many people achieve the smoother, younger looking appearance that they want so badly. But, before getting to that, it’s important to know what generally causes damage to the skin and how you can take the proper care so that you reap the maximum benefits from your skin rejuvenation treatments.

The self-care component

The biggest contributor to visible signs of aging is also what gives us life. It’s ironic, really. The sun is a major source of skin damage, wrinkling, and other blemishes to say nothing of skin cancer. While we all need our vitamin D and sunshine feels great, we have to protect ourselves from it. Wearing sunscreen regularly is one of the keys to maintaining a youthful appearance. Even if you’re not laying out on the beach and just walking around, the sun does not discriminate. Use sunblock on days you plan on being outside for any significant amount of time.

Moisture plays a big role as well. A good moisturizer will go far, but also be mindful of your water drinking habits. Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. It’s what gives your skin the nourishment it needs to remain tight and glowing looking. Also, take it easy with the alcohol.

Finally, get more sleep. Your body needs rest. Consistently not getting enough sleep can cause you to look older.

How does skin rejuvenation work?

Self-care helps, but it can only go so far. Skin rejuvenation laser treatments can do the heavy lifting. Essentially, the goal of a skin rejuvenation treatment is to stimulate the regeneration and growth of collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin could be called the youth proteins. They give our skin a healthy appearance.

During the procedure, the laser energy is used to generate heat in the area being treated. This gentle heat stimulated the skin into naturally producing more collagen and elastin. Over the course of your treatments, you’ll notice fuller and younger looking skin. You’ll notice a reduction in blemishes and smoothed out wrinkles.

If you suffer with spider veins in the face, laser ablation therapy can reduce their appearance or outright eliminate them. The same treatment can be applied on varicose veins in the legs.

What should you expect during the procedure?

Because laser therapy is non-invasive, there is no recovery time to worry about. That’s not say there aren’t any side effects, but they are minimal. Typical side effects could be reddening and itching of the skin. In some instances, there may be swelling, scarring, or changing or skin color. In rare cases, you could experience an infection or blood clotting.

Multiple treatments are usually recommended so you can experience the full benefits of skin rejuvenation. Your doctor will advise you on how many sessions are necessary.


With the proper care, you can achieve a more youthful appearance. You don’t have to assume that plastic surgery is the only way to reach your goals. There are many minimally invasive procedures available to you, including laser skin rejuvenation. If you take the proper care of your skin and speak to your doctor about skin rejuvenation, you can reduce the visible signs of aging. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. Dr. Beena Nagpal and the team at Bella Medical Aesthetics are dedicated to providing you with the care you need so you can not only look your best, but you feel your best as well.

Skin Rejuvenation Treatments In Colombia