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If your sex life isn’t quite what it used to be, then maybe it’s time to time to speak to your erectile dysfunction specialist.

Successful and safe treatment is available!

You could opt for a pill that lasts about a day, or you could opt for much longer-lasting P-Shot results in Baltimore, Maryland.

First, Let’s Talk About How the P-Shot Works

This revolutionary treatment uses your own platelet-rich plasma to heal and generate the growth of new cells and tissue.

It’s nutrient-rich, contains blood-derived growth factors, and because it comes from you, there is minimal potential for serious side effects.

How Long Will It Take to Experience P-Shot Results in Baltimore Maryland?

Results are going to vary for everyone, but it’s good to know that most patients do see an immediate change. However, results do tend to happen in stages. Let’s break it down.

Stage One:  The first 24 hours, you’ll likely experience increased sensitivity and sensation.

Stage Two: Over the next two to three months, you’ll start to notice an increase in your libido and improved ability to maintain an erection.

Stage Three: Three months and beyond, you can look forward to better quality erections, as well as a significant change in girth and length.

Is the P-Shot Permanent?

While it isn’t isn’t permanent, you can certainly expect long-lasting results. Aside from fast P-Shot results in Baltimore, Maryland, you should look forward to enjoying the amazing benefits for at least one year.

Will I Need More Than One Treatment?

Bella wants you to have the best possible outcome from your P-Shot treatment. It is recommended you have a series of two to three treatments for optimal results.

Bella Medical Aesthetics Is Happy to Offer the P-Shot in Baltimore, Maryland!

If you’re ready to get your intimate life back on track, then contact us to book your P-Shot consultation.

Book your appointment by calling 240-713-6587 today! We guarantee your concerns will be met with compassion and respect.