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Finding an Erectile Dysfunction Specialist in Baltimore, Maryland: What to Know

Sexual dysfunction is still seen as an embarrassing, even taboo topic, but it really shouldn’t be. Over 30 million men in the United States alone are affected by erectile dysfunction, so you’re not alone.

So, how do you find help? Here’s what you need to know in your search for an erectile dysfunction specialist in Baltimore, Maryland.

What Treatment Options Are Available?

There are many treatments available for erectile dysfunction, such as medication. But, what if you want to step away from medication? Is there an option for you, too?

Fortunately, yes! There are two popular, cutting-edge treatments on the market: Alma Duo and the famous P-Shot, or Priapus shot. Both are safe minimally to non-invasive procedures that seek to treat erectile dysfunction without dangerous pills.

The Alma Duo is painless procedure that utilizes shockwave therapy to stimulate blood flow to the penis and restore sexual performance. The P-Shot is a unique form of PRP therapy, using your own platelet-rich plasma to heal the tissue and promote blood flow. Both last upwards of two years.

How Do I Find an Erectile Dysfunction Specialist in Baltimore, Maryland?

There are many resources available for finding an erectile dysfunction specialist. It can be easy to feel defeated when faced with sexual dysfunction, but there are specialists and doctors capable of eliminating this unpleasant condition and restore your vitality.

Discuss with your primary care provider or look into specialists your insurance company employs for a streamlined search. You aren’t alone, and a specialist is ready to help you today.

Bella Medical Aesthetics Is Here for You!

Bella Medical Aesthetics is home to the top erectile dysfunction specialist in Baltimore, Maryland, offering unique and customizable treatment for sexual dysfunction and more.

Don’t wait, contact us at 240-713-6587 to schedule your consultation today, and get ready to meet a new and revitalized you!