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What’s the Top Treatment for Non-Surgical Body Contouring in Columbia, Maryland?

Let’s face it: who doesn’t want a slim, sculpted figure? You may be one of the many who can’t seem to reach their ideal figure with just diet and exercise, seeking to supplement your hard efforts.

Here’s how non-surgical body contouring in Columbia, Maryland can help.

What Is Non-Surgical Body Contouring?

Think of it as liposuction but without the surgery. It’s not always viable or sustainable to jump to drastic measures like surgery and, let’s be real, it’s honestly quite scary. Non-surgical body contouring aims to trim down fat and sculpt your figure without surgery.

There are many methods on the market for non-surgical body contouring, but each one has their pros and cons, and not every medical spa offers every single one. Which one you pursue is ultimately personal choice, but you may be needing a guiding hand during your research.

BodyTite Columbia MD

What Is the Best Treatment for Body Contouring?

There’s not necessarily a “best” treatment, but it’s worth adding Bodytite and Evolve to your radar. An energy-assisted form of liposuction, Bodytite requires only a tiny, barely visible incision in order to heat the fat with radiofrequency energy.

This makes it easier to remove, and the deep-heating technology firms and tightens the targeted area. This procedure mimics the benefits of liposuction without actual surgery, scarring, or a long recovery.

Evolve provides many different services for different body contouring goals, utilizing a variety of hands-free technologies to remodel, reduce, and tone. It can also minimize cellulite, all without surgery!

Where Can I Find Body Contouring in Columbia, Maryland?

Bella Medical Aesthetics is home to the best body contouring in Columbia, Maryland, with multiple options available to you in order to suit your needs.

Call us to book your consultation today at 240-713-6587. Dr. Nagpal can’t wait to help you reach your body goals!