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When it comes to weight loss, diet, exercise, and a strict routine are essential when it comes to obtaining the body you want.

However, sometimes these aren’t enough when it comes to ridding yourself of stubborn body fat and loose skin in troubled areas.

That’s where non-surgical body contouring in Columbia, Maryland comes in!

See Sensational Results From Body Contouring in Columbia, Maryland With Evolve Tone and Evolve Trim

Both Evolve Tone and Evolve Trim treatments can be performed by experienced professionals to help you achieve amazing results when it comes to tackling stubborn areas of loose skin and unwanted fat.

  • Evolve Tone: This treatment uses electric muscle stimulation (EMS) to help strengthen and tone muscles in the treated areas. This helps tighten skin and leaves you looking more refined and contoured after your first few sessions, making it easy to see results across multiple treatment areas quickly. It averages around $350 per session, though you may pay more for each visit.
  • Evolve Trim: This option helps melt away subcutaneous fat, reduce the appearance of cellulite, and stimulate skin tightening and collagen production. This treatment is great for those who want a tighter, and more firm appearance without the toning. It also averages around $350 per session.

Choose Bella Medical Aesthetics for Evolve Tone or Trim – or Both for Your Desired Physique!

If you’re tired of struggling to tighten, tone, and achieve the body you want, contact the professionals at Bella Medical Aesthetic to book your body contouring in Columbia, Maryland today!

At Bella, we have the know-how to help you treat stubborn fat and other contour concerns to perfectly sculpt your ideal body. While costs vary depending on your goals and the number of treatments needed, we have multiple options that can help you both look and feel your best!

Call us today at 240-713-6587 to book your consultation and get answers to all your body contouring FAQs, including which treatment is right for you!