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5 Facts About Painless Laser Hair Removal in Columbia, Maryland

Laser hair removal (LHR) is one of the most popular hair removal techniques, offering long-lasting and even pain-free results when done correctly.

Keep reading to learn five fast facts about painless laser hair removal in Columbia, Maryland.

  • Choosing a Qualified Laser Technician Leads to Better, Less Painful Results

The easiest way to achieve safe, successful and even painless LHR is to choose an experienced, licensed laser technician. Laser hair removal is considered a medical procedure, meaning it should only be performed by specialists who are qualified and trained.

Expert technicians understand the complex ins and outs of laser hair removal and the laser systems best suited for your specific skin color, hair color, and even hair type. Finding a reputable, highly rated clinic is key for a stress-free experience.

  • Laser Hair Removal Is Shockingly Quick and Easy

It might surprise you to learn that laser hair removal treatments are a very easy-going, speedy procedure. Smaller areas, such as the face, can take as little as 15 areas. Larger areas naturally take more time, but sessions are typically completed in less than an hour.

Not only is LHR fast, but it’s easy, too! All that’s required of you is to sit back, relax, and let the laser do its job.

  • Pain-Free Laser Hair Removal Is Actually Possible

While laser hair removal is already tolerable, is it possible for it to be painless? Fortunately, yes!

Laser systems are becoming increasingly advanced, designed with safety, efficacy, and comfort in mind. When you combine the right laser, a skilled technician, and the proper pre- and post-procedure steps, laser hair removal can be truly painless from start to finish.

  • Shaving Makes Laser Hair Removal Less Painful

The steps you take before undergoing treatment can increase your comfort significantly. The treatment area should be clean with no UV exposure four to six weeks prior. It should also be shaved. Don’t wax or pluck, but shaving is perfectly acceptable and even recommended before your appointment.

The laser reacts with overgrown hair in a negative way, causing inflammation and an unpleasant burnt hair smell. Yikes! Shaving 24 hours in advance reduces this risk of burning and discomfort, allowing the laser to strictly target the hair follicle itself, not your hair or skin.

  • The Right Laser Makes a World of Difference

Using the improper laser system can lead to ineffective, slow, or even painful laser hair removal. There are a variety of lasers designed to suit different needs, factoring in your hair types, and skin and hair tone, tailoring treatment to this information for better results.

Two popular laser types are diode and Nd:YAG. Diode laser systems, such as Diolaze, pass through the skin to target the root of the problem, quite literally. It offers the largest treatment spot sizes for faster, fewer sessions. Better yet, it’s virtually painless, thanks to its built-in cooling surface.

While diode lasers are best suited for light to medium skin tones, the Nd:YAG is a favorite for patients with darker skin. It bypasses the pigment in your skin with its long wavelength, targeting only the hair follicle and minimizing the risk of burning. In turn, this leads to less pain and side effects.

This is another reason why choosing a good laser technician is important, as they’ll have the appropriate laser to suit your needs.

Need More Info on Painless Laser Hair Removal in Columbia, Maryland? We’ve Got You Covered!

Painless laser hair removal in Columbia, Maryland is a mere phone call away! At Bella Medical Aesthetics, Dr. Beena Nagpal offers various laser systems for a pain-free procedure tailored to your needs.

Call us at 240-713-6587 to book your appointment today!