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If you’re unhappy with the size and / or shape of your lips, maybe it’s time to consider dermal fillers for lips! There’s a reason that lip fillers in Ellicott City, Maryland are so popular right now.

They have a magnificent track record as a safe and effective way to enhance your appearance. So, just how much are they?

But First, What Makes Lip Fillers So Effective and Safe?

Your body naturally produces sugar molecules called hyaluronic acid, or HA. This HA is responsible for keeping your skin hydrated and soft. As you age, your body loses its store of HA.

The key ingredient in lip fillers so closely mimics natural HA that your body easily accepts and absorbs the product. There is virtually no chance of any adverse reaction.

I’m Not Really a Fan of Needles. Do the Injections Hurt?

Not at all! Cosmetic injectables like Juvéderm contain lidocaine to help ease any discomfort you may feel. While you may feel some pressure during the process, it’s not painful at all.

What About Results? Do Lip Fillers Last Long?

Lip fillers in Ellicott City, Maryland have repeatedly been shown to have a longevity of six months to a year. But, it’s important to remember that results will vary from person to person and depend a lot on how quickly your body metabolizes the filler.

What About Cost? Will Lip Fillers Break My Bank?

While it’s impossible to determine how much your cost will be without a consultation, the average cost of lip filler is $400 to $2,000. But, can you really put a price on looking and feeling your best?

I Want the Best Results from Lip Fillers in Ellicott City, Maryland! Where Should I Go to Find the Experts?

Dr. Beena Nagpal leads her team at Bella Medical Aesthetics with the belief that beauty will uplift people throughout their lives. Sound medical experience and a compassionate environment are what you’ll experience with us!

It’s time for you to love your lips! Contact us at  240-713-6587 to schedule your filler consultation today! Be sure to ask about our specials, too!