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After a cold or rainy day, there’s nothing better than lifting your face to the sun to let its warmth wash over you. Unfortunately, that warmth comes at a price in the form of damaged skin. Premature aging, sun spots, facial veins, and other blemishes begin to mottle your skin over time due to aging and sun exposure, leaving behind a battle-worn surface.

To regain your youthful tone and glow, we’re pleased to offer a revolutionary new skin care laser system at Bella Medical Aesthetics called Lumecca. With Lumecca, we help our patients in Columbia, Maryland, eliminate the damage the sun has caused, restoring a smooth, even surface free from sun spots, facial veins, and other blemishes.

Here comes the sun

When it comes to sun, it can be the very definition of too much of a good thing. Sun is critical for all life, but too much exposure to this life source, especially its ultraviolet (UV) rays, and this force begins to break down your skin.

This process is called photoaging. Without protection, the sun’s UV rays begin to break down the collagen that supports your skin, which leads to fine lines and wrinkles. And the collagen in your skin performs another important task: shoring up the walls of the tiny blood vessels in the layers of your skin. With the breakdown in collagen, this support is lost and your blood vessels are more prone to rupture.

Dark matter

The color of your skin is dictated by your melanin, which is the pigment in your skin. This pigment is designed to protect your skin, causing it to darken when exposed to the sun to ward off the harmful UV rays. This is what gives you that tan, or darkens your skin, every summer as your skin adjusts to prolonged sun exposure.

Over time, your melanin doesn’t come forward as evenly, bunching up in certain areas, leaving you with skin that features an array of different, spotty shades, especially in fair-skinned people. From completely bleached spots devoid of color to larger brown patches, the unevenness of your melanin begins to really become pronounced with age.

Sun spots, however, are a little different. They’re caused by an excess of melanin production in particularly sun-exposed areas, such as your face and the back of your hands. Genetics, skin color, too much exposure, and history of tanning bed use can all contribute to sun spots.

Fighting light with light

If you long to restore the skin on your face or hands to the blank canvas of youth, we have just the solution, which uses light to fight off the damage of light. Called Lumecca, this laser system relies on intense pulsed light (IPL) to break up the discolorations in your skin.

The process is fascinating because what the Lumecca does is use the pulses of light to draw your pigment up to the surface of your skin. Once your pigment is exposed, we direct the energy into the cells, which heats them up and breaks them apart. Then your body simply flushes away the damaged cells through your lymphatic system. Or if the area is very close to the surface, your skin flakes off taking the darkened pigment with it.

We apply the same process to facial veins and rosacea, which are aggravated by sun exposure. We use the Lumecca IPL system to break up the veins and the redness caused by rosacea, greatly reducing the blemishes to bring you more evenly-toned skin.

The procedure is noninvasive, and one of the greatest advantages of using noninvasive light energy is that we’re able to target very precise areas on your skin without causing any damage to the surrounding areas.

Your results are gradual as your body processes the treated area, flushing away the old cells and regenerating new ones. Generally, about 6-12 weeks after your final treatment, you’ll be enjoying fresh, vibrant skin that reflects the youthful spirit inside you.

To clear away sun damage in your skin, please give us a call or use the online scheduling tool found on this website to book an appointment.

Eliminate Sun Damage With Lumecca